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Impulse H-Zone Group Training Stations

The ultimate group training station, the Impulse H-Zone System is designed to fit into any gym facility to accommodate all users’ training goals. The complete set consists of four functional modules, five external optional components and a receiving module; this provides complete functionality as customers can combine and match to suit their space. The high-quality design, versatility and safe efficiency of H-Zone offer infinite workout possibilities for clients and trainers.

    Accessories: Dip Attachment, Step Attachment, Pivot, Battle Rope
    Accessories: Parallel Bars, Battle Rope Attachment, Step Attachment
    Accessories: Dip Attachment, Step Attachment, Pivot, Battle Rope Attachment
    Accessories: TRX, Climbing, Pull-Up Bar


The Power Rack is an essential station to safely perform the primal movement of the squat and dead-lift. With heavy duty adjustable ‘J’ hooks and spotting arms the user can train to the limit safely. To further increase the versatility of the Power Rack it comes complete with pull-up handles.

  • Squat – Front and back
  • Lunge – Forwards and reverse
  • Deadlifts – Romanian, stiff legged, sumo
  • Shoulder press
  • Row – High pull, bent & flat
  • Power clean
  • Power snatch
  • Thrusters
  • Good mornings – single or double

Hi/Low Pulley Station (1)

  • Push movements
  • Pull movements
  • Lunge movements
  • Squat movements
  • Twist movements
  • Bending movements
  • Gait

Multi Function Station (1)

  • Chin ups
  • Attach a suspension trainer or use resistance bands to provide many additional exercise options
  • Run a battle rope through the metal rings for alternating rope whips, wrestler throws, lunge slams or many other epic battle rope exercises

Connector (2)

  • The connector joins stations and offers total rotation which means you can position stations in a straight line or at any angle required.

Step Attachment (2): Attaches to any station. Perfect for box jumps, box squats, split lunges, Bulgarian squats plus many more!

  • Box jumps
  • Push ups – feet or hands on step, offset push up
  • Squats – box or Bulgarian
  • Lunges
  • Step ups
  • Mountain climbers
  • Hip raises (single or double)
  • Supine bridge
  • Burpees with box jump

Dip Attachment (2)

Attaches to any station. Perfect for dips, push ups, body weight rows, hanging knee raises plus many more!

  • Dips – option of using band assisted or feet on floor
  • Push up – neutral grip
  • Hanging knee raises
  • Resistance bands – hip flexor, high pull, squats
  • Body row



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