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Impulse SL7012 Multi Adjustable Bench

  • Product Size – 1550*670*1350(mm)
  • Product Weight – 47kg
  • Maximum Load Capacity – None
  • Main Frame – Commercial grade 50mm*100mm*2.5mm square tubing with electrostatic power-coating ensures ultra durability.
  • Upholstery – High-density poly-foam offers comfort and endurability.
  • Bearing – High-precision industrial grade ball bearing ensures smooth operation and rust protection
  • Adjustment – Elastic adjustment allows users to adjust upholstery easily and precisely.
  • Handles – Anti-slide knurling aluminum handlebar


Impulse SL7012 Multi Adjustable Bench with Foot Piece.

Profesional machine designed to perform an affective workout of the isolated deltiod muscles and to bulit stronger back and shoulders. The particular profile of the back support ensures a stable position of the trunk. The adjustable seating position provides that the center articulation of the shoulder is always in line with the center of rotation of the machine lever. SL7012 belongs to SL product line, high quality commercial series, which consists of 16 plate loaded equipment. This professional line is designed to reproduce the feeling of using free weights.


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