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4D Pro Bungee Jumping Trainer

The 4D PRO supports the use of smooth and elastic movements aligned with the user’s body weight. This makes training with this device even easier and less of a shock to your joints.

  • Maximum load: 500 kg.
  • Includes resistance expander, bungee cord, conventional non-elastic sling trainer, and high-elastic dynamic sling trainer.
  • No matter your age or physical shape, the 4D PRO is designed to be used by anyone.
  • Provides smart mounting hardware like carabiners, loops, extensions, and door anchors.
  • All you need to start your training is a fixation point, for example a room ceiling, a door frame, a tree branch or a climbing system.
  • Designed under the highest conceptual and implementation standards.
  • The trainer’s resilience and durability were mechanically tested.
  • Helps distribute pressure evenly and comfortably, while encouraging the most natural body positions during training.
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4D PRO – elastic bungee training for everyone

4D PRO bungee fitness is becoming more and more popular. The reason for this is the swinging, hopping movements that are fun and make you want more. Almost like bungee – only without fear. The 4D PRO bungee training is a serious workout with which everyone – from the less trained to the sports professional – quickly sees success.


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